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The New Face of Chaplaincy

Training tomorrow’s chaplain. Supporting diversity and inclusion when it matters most.

Training Center

You have a calling. Let us turn it into a career.

The workplace is changing and chaplains are leaders at the forefront of this new workforce transformation.

We train the next generation of chaplains with the skills and insight to foster supportive care in any setting.

Serenity CPE Center graduates:

  • Gain real-world experience to cope with the human challenge of stress in the workplace.
  • Create the faculty mentorships that lead to successful careers.
  • Obtain the opportunity to create thriving and high-performing corporate cultures in your chose clinical environment.

At Serenity CPE Center:

  • Board certification curriculum available
  • Online experiential learning
  • Residency applicants by invitation only
  • Clinical placements approved by Serenity staff

Groups are forming now. Apply today.
Call us at (800) 501-4250.

An Employee Resource

Reimagine employee productivity, loyalty and personal growth.

A positive culture doesn’t happen by itself. It’s the outcome of daily, individually-requested interactions that reduce stress and promote a sense of inclusion and belonging.

Let Serenity staff your company with professionally-trained chaplains who provide personalized support at the moments your employees need support most – the highs, the lows and everything in between. The result? A high-performing workforce ready to tackle whatever comes their way.

Your employees get instant access to Serenity support specialists 24 hours a day. We deliver permission-based individual care as well as proactive wellness programs to help your staff overcome challenges, achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

At Serenity, we take a comprehensive planning approach to corporate care. We work with you to fit into your company’s unique routine and culture.

Your people get the right help at the right time:

  • Overcome life stressors
  • Reduce employee conflicts
  • Provide preemptive crisis intervention
  • Foster inclusion in the workplace
  • Invest in employee retention
  • Increase workforce productivity

Let Serenity transform staff engagement and performance in your workplace.

  • Corporations
    We work 24/7 to reduce conflicts, foster inclusion and increase employee retention and productivity.
  • First Responders
    We work with your leadership team to create a safe, confidential place to discuss emotional challenges and bring emergency resources to bear across the emotional health spectrum, including crisis intervention and suicide prevention.
  • Healthcare Hospice
    We provide your staff with positive assistance and reinforcement as we offer interfaith spiritual guidance and emotional support for patients and family.

Drive meaningful change in your organization.
Call us at (800) 501-4250.

Online Support Helpline

Live Support an Connection 24/7

(800) 501-4250

We are here to listen. No crisis is too big. No subject is too small. Whether its workplace, relationship or personal issues, we bring care and compassion to the conversation. We’re Serenity CPE Center’s online support team. We provide supportive care when it matters most.